Francesco Martucci is a cyclist from Italy who has been coming to the Red Hook Crit for the past 4 years. Every year Martucci comes to Red Hook with the expectation of winning the race and every year he has fallen short. He came very close in Milan No. 3. Late in the race coming into the final turn before the finish with a few laps to go, he slid out. We follow Martucci through his preparation for Red Hook No. 7 in Brooklyn.

This is the trailer for the short film we are working on called ‘FRENK’.

A film by Joseph Huba and Christian Thormann

We had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Rob of Mer Bags and filmed him while he made a couple of his top selling items. In this video, Rob makes his famous Belt Bag. If you haven’t seen the Belt Bag or any other Mer product…do yourself a favor and check em’ out!

The quality and craftsmanship that Rob puts into his bags is quite amazing to say the least.  And one of the coolest features of Mer Bags is that they’re fully weatherproof and will last you a lifetime.  They’re perfect for cycling, the beach, camping, surfing, skateboarding, and so on!  

You can find the entire Mer Bags line at (Mer Bags will also work with you if you want a one of a kind custom bag) or you can stop by the Bikestock Pop Up Shop in Space Ninety8 in Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn and check out some Mer Bags in person.